The international designer Walid Attallah was born under the skies of Lebanon. Inspired by the magnificence of fashion, he graduated from the University of Chicago in fashion design.

Walid Attallah started off his international journey after a couple of outstanding fashion shows in the city of Dubai, which were inaugurated by super stars.

Soon after, he started his immaculate shows in Europe and Asia were he was awarded for his astonishing achievements. Being the fashion guru that he is, Walid Attalah did not settle for the norm, he created prêt-a-porter collection and was the first one to add diamonds to his collections.Since then, Mr. Atallah has presented his memorable collections at dozens of fashion events throughout the Arab world as well as in the fashion capitals of Italy and France,where he received an excellence in international design award from the French Association of Fashion Designers.His two appearances at Couture Fashion Week in New York in 2009 and 2010 were widely applauded and enthusiastically received.