lundi 14 mai 2012

Shady Zeineldine’s Spring/ Summer 2012 Collections

Shady Zeineldine has finally created the shadows and whatever he did it is worth grand applauds for sure. Once you glide your eyes over the designs he created for his Spring/ Summer 2012 collection, you are sure to forget another smashing line of collection that he has presented in much advance- the Spring/ Summer 2013 collection. Each of the collections has lots to tell about the talent and creativity of the designer and focusing particularly on the latest Spring/ Summer 2012 collection, you will have to admit it that the desert got life the moment models clad in Shady Zeineldine designed stepped onto it.
Each of the designs is pretty luxurious and raises the bar for himself for his coming successive designs. Simply check out some of the designs of his collection gallery and judge his caliber on your own:
Using and taking good advantage of the desert winds and the crispy soft golden sands beneath, Shady Zeineldine has made the model pose stunning and look stunning in his brilliant collections. Check out this delicate lace voluminous long bottom adorned with embellishments and embroiders that somehow also reminds one of the Indian lehenga designs. However, the strapless little fuller dress atop it again turns it into something very western.
This golden embellished dress by Shady gives the glimpse of more like a mermaid in the desert? Pure and delicate silk and satin are prettifying the dress with a never seen before tight wrapped lace bottom for mermaid look.
Every piece of the collection by Shady Zeineldine showcases great art, creativity and hard work and all these dresses are handmade. So, you can very well wonder the pain and labor put behind in creating each of the flairs, layers, frills, embellished works put in the collection.
 collection by Shady Zeineldine 

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