jeudi 31 mai 2012


The passion for vintage fabrics, clothes and upholstery from countries of the Far East combined with a need to make sustainable use of available materials whilst adding artistic expression, always respecting old cultures and traditions is what makes ENIS such a genuinely 'revolutionary' brand.

The oriental theme is carried throughout the collection by using rich, bold colours that have faded with time such as lacquer red, bronze green, and pale green and crepe fabrics such as satin jersey and glossy velvet designed and printed in Asiatic or Art Deco style.
What you get is an amazing set of original designs which in turn create a hand-crafted effect which is finished with trimmings and embroidery.  Jewels shine on dark colours, new cuts and combinations unite the past with the present, east with west, the old with new, tradition with modernity craftsmanship with technology in splendid harmony.
All of this results in something truly new and surprising, which is both beautiful and useful.

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