vendredi 18 mai 2012

RED Valentino Spring 2012 Handbags

The RED Valentino girl was always committed to the style principles of romance and femininity. Accessories released by the brand celebrate the rise of the ladylike fashion trend that provides fashionistas with a set of amazing outfit ideas suitable for all silhouettes. The RED Valentino spring 2012 handbag collection is packed with attitude and delicacy. If you're eager to play up your flirtatious side, sport some of these gorgeous bow clutches, large totes and double handle bags during the blooming season. 

The more affordable sister brand of Valentino furnishes the fashion fold with a selection of extremely wearable and sophisticated wardrobe staples. Consider bags the perfect tool to add an extra glam factor to your ensembles. 

Targeting the needs of a youthful and romantic style pack, designers at RED Valentino are devoted to create a myriad of carry-all and more elegant bags. See the adorable color palette dominated by coral, yellow and creamy pastels. In addition to these urban glam totes and top handle bags we also have the chance to spot a chic set of denim pouches perfect to update your urban sportswear ensembles.

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