mardi 29 mai 2012

Maybelline New York 2012 Calendar

The fashion girls know the Maybelline New York Beauty Brand for sure. This brand is popular all over the world and serves as a source of inspiration for girls and women. Each year the brand releases a super glamorous calendar introducing the makeup products it is going to reveal during the year.
Now you have got the chance to enjoy Maybelline New York 2012 Calendar with bright and fresh colors.
Kenneth Willardt organized the amazing scenario demonstrating extraordinary make up looks in different eye-catching colors.
Charlotte Willer, a hip makeup artist picked up some beautiful models such as Jessica White, Julia Steger, Zhang Ziyi, Emiliy DiDinato and Erin Wasson for illustrating the latest make up trends.
You will find different beauty identities in the calendar; Weathergirls, DJs, President Candidates who are masters in their work and know how to introduce them to show their best assets in those seductive outfits and glitzy makeup. The glamorous divas, sexy mechanics and nurses show the color palette of Maybelline New York.
Now let us talk a little about the collection. The Maybelline New York has created some glamorous and charming beauty collections including lip and eye products. If you have the wish to rock the latest and hottest makeup trends of the moment, then draw inspiration from the fashionable options ofMaybelline New York 2012 Calendar.
What about the colors presented in the Maybelline 2012 Calendar? I should say they are bright enough. You will like those ultra-luxe metallic hues and classy neutrals which will help you to stand out in the crowd.
For some of you the characters in the calendar will seem to have a makeup done in a fantasy way, you can forget about this style, and create your make up in close to reality.

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