Here’s a SECRET… there are no rules when it comes to the art of stacking bracelets. All you have to do is wear your imagination on your wrist and start piling those bracelets! This on-going trend has been spotted on the wrists of fashion journalists, bloggers and style mavens in Singapore and across the world. From leather to studs to beads, it’s all about picking the right bracelets and styling them as you like. You can also stacked them with your watch or maybe two watches, bangles and whatever you can pile up your wrist. Here are some tips and tricks from my wrist-observations on the art of mixing and matching:
  1. TEXTURES: Mix metal with leather. Add a couple of bling bling rhinestones for the ultimate shine factor. Textures create dimension to your stacked bracelets.
  2. COLORS: Ideally, I like to keep it to maximum three colors. Then again, who cares? Just go bananas! I like to add a pop of bright color to my wrist.
  3. SIZE: Make sure you buy the right size bracelets so your bracelets don’t overlap each other tremendously– a little overlap is fine.
  4. ONE ARM or TWO ARMS? It doesn’t matter. Personally, I like to stack just one arm (I don’t have that many bracelets!) for a bigger impact.
Take inspiration from these wrists spotted in Singapore and online. I’ve also listed some bracelets which you can buy to kick start your stacked bracelet adventure. Are you ready?
As seen on Rohai from ST’s UrbanBurberry, Curated Editions, Ann Demeulemeester, Marc Jacobs.
As seen on Sarah from WottoncoolCurated Editions & Marilyn Tan.
Add hints of bright colors like neons – very rocker chic!
Don’t stop, till you get enough! GO CRAZY with mixing and stacking your bracelets.