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Another beautiful make up collection created by one of the world’s most talented Makeup Artists. Get Artistic Director Aaron De Mey’s best tips on how to use the Roseraie des D
élices colours, launching February 2012.
Pastel palettes, sheer lipsticks and lavender scented lipglosses. The colours are suitable for any skincolour, any age, and can be used in hundreds of ways. Here are some, as recommended by the creator Aaron de Mey (all colours listed from left to right and top to bottom)
Lancome La Roserai Blush Spring 2012
La Roserai Blush, 400 NOK
How to use: Mix all the colours with a powder brush and apply gently onto cheeks, forehead and chin. Use a smaller blusher brush on the pink colour and give your cheeks a wash of pink. A light touch of this underneath the eyes will also reduce dark shadows and give a healthy, dewy look.

Lancome Eyeshadow Spring 2012
Lancome Eyeshadow Spring 2012
Le Yeux Doux 435 NOK
C50 Vert Tendresse
A50 Rose Romance
How to use: Mix the two medium colours all the way from lash to brow. The lightest shade is perfect for highlighting inner corners and underneath the brow. Apply the darkest shade on the lid, and soften it towards the socket line; this will enhance the shape of your eyes and create a flattering depth.

Lancome Lipgloss Spring 2012

Color Fever Gloss, 245 NOK
386 Green Petal
387 Tangerine Pertal
388 Rose Petal
How to use: Apply Color Fever Gloss directly onto bare lips for a super shiny finish. The pink and mandarine shades enhance the natural colour of the lips, while the green shade adds a surprisingly nice frosted effect. The glosses are also great as a final glossy touch to lipsticks.

Lancome Lipstick Spring 2012
Le French Touch Lipstick, 280 NOK
314 Rose Candy
316 Soft Marshmallow
318 Sweet Marmalade
How to use: Apply the colour directly from the stick or use the fingertip to dab on for a natural, flushed effect.

LAncome Le Vernis nailpolish  Spring 2012




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Burberry - Women's Accessories - 2012 Spring-SummerBurberry - Women's Accessories - 2012 Spring-Summer
Burberry Spring Summer 2012 Accessories Collection

Burberry Spring Summer 2012 Accessories Collection

Burberry Spring Summer 2012 Accessories Collection



Something that has really caught everyone’s attention this season is dip dye hair fashion. Dip dye is a way of highlighting the bottom tips of hair with bright hair color.
Currently plenty of A-list celebs like Jaime King, Dakotta Fanning, Kate Bosworth, Januray Jones etc are rocking this trend. Dip dye hair look bold, daring and amazing. Always choose the shade that balance your current shade and suits your skin tone too.


The big color trend for 2012 spring/summer is mint green... Yes you read right - mint green is the biggest color trend for the up coming season. The racks will be full of fashions that all done up in a soft whimsical version of mint green .

Peplum Dresses For Women Trends 2012

 There are many ways to pep up your wardrobe with the peplum dress trends for 2012. The spectrum accessible ensures that you simply will notice one thing pleasing to each your body and your budget, that is why we recommend this rebirth. A peplum cocktail dress is that the best thanks to boost your everyday fashion life.  Peplum Dress body form did build become additional detail bubble contains, as a result of the one at the waist and hips. However, women’s increased interest within the variety of a healthy body and curvy back peplum dress creating became an idol. Here is out there many models that would be a peplum dress your reference.Peplum dress currently becomes a trend this season. The designers did abundant to point out off the planning of the dress peplum on the gathering Spring/Summer 2012. Take your outfits from day to nighttime simply with peplum dress trends for 2012. Rock a horny open back peplum dress with a jacket and cute flats for knowledgeable day look. Then drop the jacket and throw on some heels for a night out. additionally strive a pencil skirt peplum dress, in a very bright color with a black belt to induce a classy look. Peplum is simply that. It’s a glance that transcends completely different items and materials. It are often refined, fun, chic, elegant or glamorous.Lets see this Peplum Dresses for women Trends 2012 and hope you inspired.


fashion tip for fat girls

Women with plus size are always worried to know what will suit them best. To tackle with this big problem of fat women, we are presenting you with some best fashion tips. You will no longer be confused thinking what to wear and what not to wear to look good even if you are fat with the help of these tips.

First of all, remember that your plus size doesn’t make you fit for wearing tight clothes, you will look your best in loose clothes. Wearing vertical stripes is another tip for you to look slim in casual and formal wear.

Plus size women can also take the help of cut off tops to look their best. Please avoid wearing too short tops, as otherwise you will look even fatter. Instead, try to wear clothes of waist length to look decent even in your plus size.

If you are fat, they make sure to stay away from open backed tops, else you will look weird. Try to wear darker shades for a slimmer look. You can also go for digital printed tops for a slimmer look.

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Long skirts are almost always part of fashion trends year after year. There are a lot of ways to wear these and you can even make them if you would prefer to save money. They have so many different designs. You could go the hippie way or you could even go the business/casual way. Either way you are going to look great with this style.

long-skirts- 10

Although some people say that Nice long skirts are not for plus size women, these skirts give a flattering sleek and slim look to heavy figures. The reason is the narrow silhouette towards bottom of the pencil skirts.

long-skirts- 3

long-skirts- 20

long-skirts- 13

Women's Fashion Design Skirts Long Maxi Skirt Trends Street Style Looks 2011 2012

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Most of us are in the urge and want to do something that makes us stand out. Moreover, considering that in mind people like experimenting with their hair, makeup and their entire look that makes them look unique and elegant. In addition, the product manufactures are also in the race of delivering their best, with type of pigmented makeup. Most of the women are in habits of using their makeup products for ages, but the irony is that they do not come with a lifetime guarantee, and needs to be replaced after some time.Black Up Makeup
Makeup is available in a wide range, there is shimmery makeup, glossy, mate and many more. Yet, we have a complete range of black makeup available, to make an option. There is a vast range of lip makeup for black women like chocolates, burgundy, shades of beery. In addition, pink color looks good. Women with the use of black up can create a great look using simple tips for that. They can color their eyes with beautiful shades like dark brown, copper, burgundy, but avoid using powdered eye shadows, as they do not look good. Using a light loose powder over the entire eye highlights the eyes.
Black Up MakeupsTo blush your cheeks the use of shades of red and pink can give a glamorous look. For nose contouring use dark brown color on both sides of the nose which will make your nose look less wide. Having, thick eyebrows it is good to get them back in shape to further enhance your look to the next level. Use mascara on both the eyelashes to give finishing look. Nevertheless,
keeping this in mind that mascara is usually a rich source for the bacteria to settle on the lashes, which can lead to eye infections and that need replacement with a new one after some time.
Black Up Makeups
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Etro is one of the fashion brands which never produces boring accessories. No matter what you choose – a bag, a scarf, a piece of jewelry or even a belt – it will be interesting. The color can be bright or unusual, details can come to make it special or the design itself can stand out.
In the Spring/ Summer 2012 collection, which is diverse enough to include a variety of styles, you will find great pieces which will make your every look more cheerful and unique.
Etro bags (roomy totes, bags with shoulder straps, envelope handbags and clutches) come in both solid hues (turquoise, brown, candy pink) and color combinations (magenta and tangerine, black and beige, etc). Printed bags are also available featuring the label’s signature pattern – paisley.
Jewelry has clearly been inspired by tribal motifs while scarves featured the gradient colors alongside lovely prints.



Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture | Paris Haute Couture

Dream of Couture – Giambattista Valli played with hard and soft elements for his sophomore haute couture collection presented in Paris this week. Feminine touches of lace, flowers and sequins are juxtaposed with streamlined silhouettes for spring. Valli even included outerwear with sheer capes and a more embellished take on a sixties housecoat. Models also wore large floral hair ornaments to match stunning gowns in hues of plum, fuchsia, ivory and black.plum.

Daria StrokousMelissa Tammerijn Vilma Putriute Frida Gustavsson

Marte Mei van HaasterKarlina Caune

Katryn Krugergiambattista valli3 400x600 Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture | Paris Haute Couturegiambattista valli4 400x600 Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture | Paris Haute Couturegiambattista valli10 400x600 Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture | Paris Haute Couturegiambattista valli7 400x600 Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture | Paris Haute Couture