mardi 15 mai 2012

Removing Unwanted Female Facial Hair:
How to Remove Hair on the Jaw, Chin & Upper Lip

What causes facial hair in women? The same hormones that cause it in men. Let's face it: we're a hairy breed. And in the all too human world of beauty, we value smooth, hairless skin. Our hormones create hair, even in the female of the species, and as women we spend a lot of time fighting Nature to please Fashion. Removing facial hair is an issue for women all over the world: even in ancient times, women used hot honey and tree saps to remove unwanted hair from the jaw line, upper lip, eyebrows and chin.

 Tips for Removing Facial Hair

  • Waxing is popular, low cost hair removal option that can be done at home or by a professional. Results last several weeks, but you will need to let it grow out a bit before you can wax again.

  • Bleaching at home can reduce the appearance of facial hair. Many women bleach the hair on their upper lip as part of their regular beauty regimen.

  • DON'T SHAVE your unwanted facial hair because you may get stubble.

  • Electrolysis is permanent, but is expensive and painful.

  • Laser hair removal can also have permanent results, but is expensive, doesn't work great on light hair and takes multiple sessions to complete.

  • Threading is a fancy way of plucking the rouge hairs.

  • Tweezing is simple, cheap and with daily upkeep should be manageable.

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