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Mosaic art 2012 home decor catalogs Mosaic Art as 2012 Home Decor Catalogs
Mosaic art 2012 home decor catalogs
Mosaic Art as 2012 Home Decor Catalogs is about 2012 home decor catalogs with mosaic art. The use of mosaic art for 2012 home decor catalogs is currently more widespread, such as a wall coating, back panel of the kitchen, the bathroom floor, sanitary ware coatings, wall, and on the pool floor.

Mosaic art for home decor catalogs

Mosaic art are also flexible to be processed into various design adjust to a variety of styles. However, for the 2012 home decor catalogs, you need to consider the room function, location, theme, tile material and the harmony of mosaic art design with the architectural concept. But, if you wish to display something that is exclusive with mosaic art, you have to make it as accents in a particular room in your home.
The presence of mosaic art as 2012 home decor catalogs will certainly be a point of view of its own. For example, application of mosaic art in the living room or foyer so that can be enjoyed by guests. Or, if want more personal, you can place mosaic art in a bedroom or a private bathroom.
Home decor catalogs 2012 bedroom mosaic art Mosaic Art as 2012 Home Decor Catalogs
Home decor catalogs 2012 bedroom mosaic
Bedroom mosaic art 2012 home decor catalogs Mosaic Art as 2012 Home Decor Catalogs
Bedroom mosaic 2012 home decor catalogs

Mosaic art in various concept

Currently, the trend of the use of mosaics art is developing. If the first mosaic art motif found only in one corner of the room, the current extreme mosaic art can replace the function of painting.
To meet these needs, a collection of mosaic art currently being developed by presenting a dynamic concept, such as the shape of flowers, foliage, sun, animals as well. Currently, also available the service of mosaic art pattern design and layout of the design space according to the needs of the home at no charge.
Bathroom mosaic art 2012 home decor catalogs Mosaic Art as 2012 Home Decor Catalogs
Bathroom mosaic 2012 home decor catalogs
Floor mosaic art 2012 home decor catalogs Mosaic Art as 2012 Home Decor Catalogs
Floor mosaic 2012 home decor catalogs


Ersa Atelier, is all about the beautiful princessy ball gown, each dresses classically shows a beautiful cut and shape and will suit a slim bride perfectly well! So be on the look out for their spring 2013 collections.


Tony Ward, is such an amazing designer, and he delivers over an over again. His spring 2012 Haute Couture collection was packed with  fun, flirty gorgeous gowns, made from chiffon fabrics, in soft cool shades and embellishment with sequins & crystals, and also handmade flowers. There were loads of versatile styles and design, from short to long, to knee length, outfits for cocktail parties, evening dinners, award shows and even red carpet.


The passion for vintage fabrics, clothes and upholstery from countries of the Far East combined with a need to make sustainable use of available materials whilst adding artistic expression, always respecting old cultures and traditions is what makes ENIS such a genuinely 'revolutionary' brand.

The oriental theme is carried throughout the collection by using rich, bold colours that have faded with time such as lacquer red, bronze green, and pale green and crepe fabrics such as satin jersey and glossy velvet designed and printed in Asiatic or Art Deco style.
What you get is an amazing set of original designs which in turn create a hand-crafted effect which is finished with trimmings and embroidery.  Jewels shine on dark colours, new cuts and combinations unite the past with the present, east with west, the old with new, tradition with modernity craftsmanship with technology in splendid harmony.
All of this results in something truly new and surprising, which is both beautiful and useful.


One can only stare in awe at these amazing wedding gowns from Yaniv Persy from his 2012-13 Haute Couture Autumn Winter Collection.

The bold strong lines of the designs are complemented by the timeless, classic feel of the gowns.  If you want to look like and feel an Haute Couture Princess when walking down the aisle Persy's gowns would definitely be the ones for you.

Graduating “with excellence” from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel Yaniv Persy was awarded for “Modern Femininity” at the LCDA Awards and awarded as “Promising Young Israeli Designer” at the I.C.E Awards.

In 2007 he moved to Paris from South America, where grew up - having moved there from Israel.  He was deeply influenced by the classic elegance and masterful drape of local Parisian fashion designers.

Following his successful collaborations with leading international designers such as, Donna Karan,Lanvin - Alber ElbazApostrophe, and Roberto Cavalli Yaniv Persy finally established and launched his own label, PERSY LTD in 2009.

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Valextra - Women's Accessories 2012 Spring-Summer