mardi 17 avril 2012


valentino haute couture 2012
Opulent gowns with a delicate, feminine quality from Valentino Spring/Summer 2012 couture collection. “The collection is pervaded by a desire to return to a real, more intimate dimension of life and style. virginal, bucolic and vivacious, it prefers whisperd introspection to loud exhibition.”
valentino bridal gown 2012
Hallmark of this collection — diaphanous fabrics with dreamy, detailed textures.
valentino wedding dress spring 2012 couture
A slip of a dress with sprigged floral print and sheer high neck overlay. Lovely!
valentino wedding dress spring 2012
More gorgeous Valentino haute couture gowns after the jump.
valentino bridal spring 2012
“Chaîne motifs and watery prints create nuanced color combinations on white backgrounds. Subtle tracery-like embellishments blend with the fabric, yet are eye-catching. Cut-outs create geometric patterns, textured lace is applied to fragile mesh, quilting creates diaphanous designs, and bouillonné motifs turn ripples into decorative elements.”
valentino spring 2012 couture
Chaîne taffeta dresses with pockets.
valentino haute couture spring summer 2012
Long sleeve + floral prints.
valentino couture spring 2012
Coat dress and strapless dress featuring tone-on-tone embroidery.
valentino spring 2012 haute couture
Love the romantic details on these two. Oh, and the sheer lace gloves!
valentino haute couture spring 2012
Long sleeve knee length dress. Adore the lace slippers!
valentino spring summer 2012 couture
For details, availability and prices, visit Valentino.

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