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The Different Types of Liner

You can use an eyeliner pencil, a liquid liner or an eyeliner brush dipped into a deep shadow to line eyes. If you use a pencil, set the line with eyeshadow because penciled lines tend to melt and won't stay put all day.

Pencil: The most commonly used type of eyeliner is the pencil form. The pencil is popular because it is so easy to apply. Many women prefer a soft Kohl pencil because it provides a wonderful slightly smudged look, rather than the straighter, harsher line of a hard pencil. Smudging your eyeliner will soften the whole look of your eye. Many times slightly more expensive pencil eyeliners will have a sponge end to use for smudging.
Of course, you can get undesired smudges of eyeliner in places you don't want them. These can be cleaned up easily with a cotton swab.
Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner will provide the boldest look of all the eyeliner formulations. It can be tricky to learn how to steady your hand to get the best results from liquid eyeliner, so remember to practice, practice, practice to get the results you want.
When using liquid eyeliner, you will get a stronger, bolder line than from a pencil. This dramatic line is well suited for evening looks and social occasions. Although it is more difficult to master liquid eyeliner, many women prefer this type of application because it provides such a definite emphasis around the eyes.
Eyeliner Pen: Eyeliner pens and eyeliner crayons offer a best-of-both-words product. They will both give a more dramatic look than a pencil provides, but they are easier to handle than liquid eyeliners. If you want one basic eyeliner that can do it all, try an eyeliner crayon or pen.
Cake Eyeliner:Cake eyeliner was originally the province of professional makeup artists. Similar in consistency and texture to eye shadow, cake eyeliner is applied with an eyeliner brush. In fact, you can substitute dark eye shadows for cake eyeliner and use a variety of colors to accent either your eye color or your outfit.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Too apply liquid eyeliner, line the eye from the inside of the lashes outward in one big sweep. You can also line the eye from the middle of the lash line outward, then finish the line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle.
Another liquid eyeliner trick requires a steady hand and will make eyes appear wider.
  • Start with a completely bare eye.
  • On the upper lashes, dot the liquid liner into the spaces between the lashes, wiggling the liner into the lashes. The result is not supposed to be a line. It's supposed to look as if the lashes themselves are super thick at the root.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Compare eye to other naked eye.

here 's useful guide to applying eye liner effectively

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