dimanche 29 avril 2012

fashion tip for fat girls

Women with plus size are always worried to know what will suit them best. To tackle with this big problem of fat women, we are presenting you with some best fashion tips. You will no longer be confused thinking what to wear and what not to wear to look good even if you are fat with the help of these tips.

First of all, remember that your plus size doesn’t make you fit for wearing tight clothes, you will look your best in loose clothes. Wearing vertical stripes is another tip for you to look slim in casual and formal wear.

Plus size women can also take the help of cut off tops to look their best. Please avoid wearing too short tops, as otherwise you will look even fatter. Instead, try to wear clothes of waist length to look decent even in your plus size.

If you are fat, they make sure to stay away from open backed tops, else you will look weird. Try to wear darker shades for a slimmer look. You can also go for digital printed tops for a slimmer look.

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