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Spring is right around the corner which can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Spring 2012 Trend Report!
As usual, there are more trends than we can all keep up with so this is a list of the most popular trends I think can be easily applicable to all of us. These are trends we can easily incorporate into our wardrobe.
1. Neon & Bright Colors
Hands down, this is the most popular trend of the season.  We were introduced to bright colors last season. This season, neon has been added to the mix. I know for some it’s hard to incorporate the latest trends into your work wardrobe.  If you have to wear a suit everyday, brighten it up with a bright blouse (fuschia, orange, cobalt) or wear your favorite bright shirt with your dark denim jeans on casual Friday.  Another option is to wear a bright pencil skirt with a neutral color top. If you’re not a fan of wearing bright colors, but still want to try this trend, incorporate neon and bright color accessories and beauty products into your look.
marie claire neon dresses spring 2012 trend Spring 2012 Trend Report

2. Pastel Colors
bright color accessories Spring 2012 Trend Report
If bold colors are too much for you, the pastel color trend may be more up your alley.  Pastel colors are soft, delicate and create a a real sense of femininity. Accessories and beauty products also come in pastel colors.  Mint is the most popular pastel color you will see this season.
pastels Spring 2012 Trend Report
Mint Spring 2012 Trend Report
3. Peplum
A chic style of the past has returned! This peplum style is very flattering as it creates a narrow waist, hides the tummy if that is a problem area and balances a woman who is larger on top.  For slimmer frames, the peplum accentuates your hips by adding volume. For both body types, this style dress helps create the desired hourglass shape.
PrettyPeplums1 Spring 2012 Trend Report
4. Floral
Floral print is a Spring trend that isn’t ever going out of style.  It’s chic, ladylike and very feminine.  Typically women wear floral dresses during the warm months, but switch things up this season by wearing a floral printed skirt or jacket.  You’ll definitely be a show stopper!
floral prints Spring 2012 Trend Report
5. Tribal Print
This was a MAJOR trend for the Michael Kors and Donna Karan Spring 2012 collections.  You can wear this trend in everything; dresses, shoes, accessories.   If you don’t currently have tribal print in your wardrobe and want to add it this season, Forever 21 is notorious for having tribal printed tops, dresses and clutches like the one below.
tribal print Spring 2012 Trend Report
tribal accessories Spring 2012 Trend Report
6. Metallic
Metallic is a great option for evening looks, but that shouldn’t keep you from wearing metallic during the day, via tops and beauty products like nail polish! Like many of the other trends of the season, the metallic trend comes in a variety of accessories too.
metallic Spring 2012 Trend Report
metallic accessories Spring 2012 Trend Report
If you need help updating your wardrobe for the new Spring season or need assistance with creating new looks with your current wardrobe, contact me!  You can schedule a consultation and appointment at or (301) 836-1451.

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