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Another beautiful make up collection created by one of the world’s most talented Makeup Artists. Get Artistic Director Aaron De Mey’s best tips on how to use the Roseraie des D
élices colours, launching February 2012.
Pastel palettes, sheer lipsticks and lavender scented lipglosses. The colours are suitable for any skincolour, any age, and can be used in hundreds of ways. Here are some, as recommended by the creator Aaron de Mey (all colours listed from left to right and top to bottom)
Lancome La Roserai Blush Spring 2012
La Roserai Blush, 400 NOK
How to use: Mix all the colours with a powder brush and apply gently onto cheeks, forehead and chin. Use a smaller blusher brush on the pink colour and give your cheeks a wash of pink. A light touch of this underneath the eyes will also reduce dark shadows and give a healthy, dewy look.

Lancome Eyeshadow Spring 2012
Lancome Eyeshadow Spring 2012
Le Yeux Doux 435 NOK
C50 Vert Tendresse
A50 Rose Romance
How to use: Mix the two medium colours all the way from lash to brow. The lightest shade is perfect for highlighting inner corners and underneath the brow. Apply the darkest shade on the lid, and soften it towards the socket line; this will enhance the shape of your eyes and create a flattering depth.

Lancome Lipgloss Spring 2012

Color Fever Gloss, 245 NOK
386 Green Petal
387 Tangerine Pertal
388 Rose Petal
How to use: Apply Color Fever Gloss directly onto bare lips for a super shiny finish. The pink and mandarine shades enhance the natural colour of the lips, while the green shade adds a surprisingly nice frosted effect. The glosses are also great as a final glossy touch to lipsticks.

Lancome Lipstick Spring 2012
Le French Touch Lipstick, 280 NOK
314 Rose Candy
316 Soft Marshmallow
318 Sweet Marmalade
How to use: Apply the colour directly from the stick or use the fingertip to dab on for a natural, flushed effect.

LAncome Le Vernis nailpolish  Spring 2012


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