mercredi 26 décembre 2012

The Most Fashionable Sunglasses Trends for Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Trends
01. With its Spring 2013 collection, Fendi brought the oversized geometric shades on the extremely exciting trend table. Incredibly sharp looking, the Fendi tri-colored sunglasses featured gradient lenses and perfectly complemented the dynamic silhouettes and the luxurious vibe that transcended from the 1960s inspired garments. Powerful and slightly unusual, the Fendi shades definitely carry that futuristic vibe that goes so great against a striking and colorful pallet.
Spring 2013 Trends
02. Anna Sui envisioned a memorable and untamed collection for Spring 2013, impeccably styled with beautiful shades inspired by vintage Victorian jewelry. The flirty and fun accessories that play upon the baroque glamour, still carry Anna Sui’s signature details, including the dainty and oh-so lovely rosebuds. The colorful and feminine accessories make for one of the most charming sunglasses trends for Spring 2013.
Spring 2013 Trends
03. Rebecca Taylor’s cool mirrored sunglasses are already making a huge sensation in the fashion world. Contrasting with Taylor’s clean and feminine designs, the powerful shades made for the perfect eye-catching accessories. The 1980s inspired reflector sunglasses are ideal for the modern-day girls that effortlessly mix attitude with off-handedness, and looks sleek while doing it.
Spring 2013 Trends
04. The rebel urban girl envisioned for the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2013 collection loves to blend effortless garments with subtle touches of luxury, vibrant colors and statement shades. The woman-on-the-go is most likely to find herself draw towards the sophisticated numbers and unusual sunglasses. Emphasized with bold hues, the circular shades looked intriguing enough to make you want to incorporate them into an edgy collection of accessories.
05. Sicily proves to be a constant source of inspiration for the designer duo behind Dolce & Gabbana. For their Spring 2013 collection they created bold, summery and vibrant looks, accessorized with equally bold shades. The oversized pairs of sunglasses featuring colorful striped patterns, only highlighted the “dolce vita” mood that took over the loud collection.  The shades are perfect for those fashionable days spent on the beach.

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