mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Accentuate Your Eyes with the Top 5 Eye Shadow Shades in 2013

Most women consider their eyes to be their most valuable asset. Many women style their eyes with makeup like eye pencils, liners and eye shadows. Some use eye lash curlers and false eyelashes to accentuate their eyes, while some go for colored contact lenses.
Women love to use makeup to add a glam factor to their beautiful faces and eye makeup does make a woman look much more appealing than without makeup. Today, we bring to you the hottest trends in eye makeup and present you with eye shadow and eye pencil colors that are the most unique and happening shades for the season. Watch and learn so that you can follow these trends and have fabulous and dazzling eyes.
1. The Purple Haze
The Purple colored eye shadow is definitely in for fall and winter makeup trends. How do we know? Well, if you take a look at the recent launches by the biggest makeup brands in the world, you will notice that purple and shades of purple are being worn by all their models in televisions commercials, banners and advertisements. So go get models-like looks with this new shade.
And if you would like to complement your purple eye shadow with other makeup, you can go in for purple nail polishes and plum lipsticks.
2. The Bird’s Feather
The peacock’s feather eye makeup, inspired by makeup artist Prabal Gurung is creating waves at fashion ramps across the globe. This trend is characterized by the use of colors like green, blue, yellow and gold to produce the effect of a peacock’s feather. It is one trendy, modern and eye catching blend of colors for eye makeup.
3. Contrasting Combinations
The latest trend in eye makeup is to combine contrasting colors to create a perfect blend for eye shadows. However, the trick lies in not blending the two colors with each other and letting them retain their original colors. When applied one above the other on the eyelid, they create a fantastic contrast that emphasizes your eyes, making them look bolder and brighter.
You can create your own combinations of contrasting colors. However, if you wish to stick to something that has been tried and tested, you can go ahead with green and pink for a glittering effect.
4. Buzzing Electric Blue
Let your eyes spell modern and shocking with this bright electric blue eye shadow. You can outline your eyes with a black eye liner or you can use a blue felt tip liner that many makeup brands have recently launched for a smoldering effect. Along with purple, blue is another color which is in vogue for the season.
5. Fiery Orange
Set on lookers ablaze with envy in this fiery orange eye shadow. Orange eye shadows suit people with a plain complexion as it helps define your facial features in a vibrant style. Pair up your orange eye shadow with tangerine orange lipstick for a complete look.
We can assure you that you will surely set hearts a-racing and heads a-turning with these eye shadow trends. This trend of wearing loud and unique colors like this is quickly catching up among women and you better hurry up and try them for yourself before these unique trends become an everyday feature.

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