samedi 21 juillet 2012

hairstyle tutorial

Let's get started!
If your hair doesn't hold curl very well then you may want to put a palmful of curling mousse in it when it is halfway dry. First I comb out all of the tangles and apply a liberal amount  CHI Iron Guard Protection Spray to prep my hair. Then I stick the top part up in a clippy so I can curl the bottom strands first. To curl my hair I use a Bed Head 1-inch styling iron (though I want to upgrade to one of the fancy new ones from Sultra soon!) When I curl the bottom half of my hair, I take 2" sections and alternate the direction in which I curl them (do one section wrapping it away from the face, and the next one towards the face). I just wrap the hair around the curling rod, I do not use the clamp! You should let the curl slide off the heating rod, and cool completely in your hand before you let it fall.
When I'm done curling the bottom section, I mist it with Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode  and comb through the curl with my fingers. Then I move on to the top section. On the top part, I curl all of the hair away from my face to get that flowy beachy look. I leave about an inch of the bottom section off the curling rod to keep from totally singing the ends, and it makes it look a bit more natural and lived in.
Ahh!! Huge hair! Well, with my fine hair, the curl usually calms down a lot after about an hour. I just run my fingers through it and go with it. 
If you want to dress it up a little, you can do a braided headband look! Take a small section of hair below your ear and braid it, but not too tight so that it stays long enough to wrap around your head.
Find a spot on the opposite side of your head and pin it so that it blends in naturally with the rest of your hairstyle. 
Well, that's it! Not too hard. Hope this answers any questions. 

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