vendredi 5 avril 2013

DIY Bridal Hair Accessory 

For the Bride: Bridal Hair Accessory 

A friend of mine is getting married on New Year's Eve! SO SOON! Since we cannot go to the wedding, we're contributing with accessories for the bride. She told me what kind of comb she wanted, and I sent her matching earrings, too :)

To do a bridal comb like this and matching earrings, you will need:

Take a piece of wire, put a bed in the middle, and start twisting around, inserting beads as you go.

When the beading wire is as long as you like it, continue back to the first end, twisting and twirling inbetween, adding beads as you go.

If you run out of wire before your piece is ready, loop more wire in. Always put the ends of your wire inside a bead/pearl, so they wont poke out.

Put onto your comb, and start twirling the "fishing wire" like cord around (and in between wires and comb teeth) back and forth. 

Tie the ends to each other on the upper part in several knots (if you do the knots under the comb, they will irritate the bride on her big day, which is not good!).


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